Monday, March 25, 2019

Kelis ft Andre 3000 ~ Millionaire (2003) R&B Hip Hop

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Sublime - Smoke Two Joints - 30's-70's

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"Gangsta's Paradise" - Coolio (live looping cover by Taylor Reed)

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Waterfalls - TLC - Funk cover feat. Charles Jones!!

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Monday Monday

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Unbelievable Carpentry Trick

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37 of the Most Satisfying Things on Earth You Can Buy on Amazon | 22 Words

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Blog Days Nearly Over...

  • Maybe you have heard that Google blogs will end on April 2nd.... I have been posting this blog since 2012. It's become a daily routine for me and I have enjoyed doing g it. I admit I will miss it but who knows what I will end up doing instead! Take care folks....

... It Happens...

Another Monday

Look Forward

Today’s Tee

Feeling Too Good?

Breakfast Pizza

Rough Monday Morning

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Parking Rates in N.Y.C.


Driftwood Hair Thing

Think of What Everybody Else is Saying!

So Alone