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Waking at the same time each night reveals details about your health - AOL Lifestyle

Science is telling us that we should sleep naked and here is why

Science is telling us that we should sleep naked and here is why

Science is telling us that we should sleep naked and here is why

Science is telling us that we should sleep naked and here is why

The fact that only 10% of the people sleep naked it's very surprising, especially if we know that there are benefits of doing so. Here you will find ten reasons why you should try this sleeping naked thing.
Even though pajamas are meant for sleeping, less and fewer people use them and prefer to wear underwear and some shirt for sleeping.

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Sleeping naked might seem like some sexually provocative thing, but it should not be perceived as such. It is actually very healthy for our body and mind. If you sleep next to someone when your skin is touching his/her skin your body starts releasing oxytocin, which is good for reducing stress, fighting depression and lowering the blood pressure.
The temperature of our body is dropping when we sleep and if you're naked the temperature will be regulated and it will help to maintain the levels of cortisol. Also, your skin will get healthier because you will start releasing hormones such as melatonin. The quality of your sleep will get much better and you will stop having troubles like overheating.
Good news for the men who sleep naked is that it will help them sustain better testicular health, which means that the quality of their sperm will get much better. For the women, sleeping naked means avoiding those nasty yeast infections. You will probably need few nights to get used to sleeping naked, but once you do, you will never want to wear pajamas again.
If we have to count the reasons why sleeping naked is good here are 10 good ones:
1. Sleeping naked will help you get a better relationship with your partner. The oxytocin that I mentioned above is also a bonding hormone. If you wear pajamas this will not be possible.
2. Because yeast grows in moist and warm conditions, when you are naked this will not be an issue due to the fact that your vagina will be able to breathe.
3. Sleeping naked means that the growth hormone will be released, this hormone is responsible for repairing your body.
This growth hormone can help you with promoting bone density, building muscle, repairing tissue, lowering the risks of diabetes and heart diseases, it stimulates the growth of the internal organs, it helps to maintain a healthy weight and it improves the immune system.
4. One thing for sure is that your sex life will get a lot better. The oxytocin is the reason why this is possible.
5. Our bodies need to lower the temperature at night, which leads to decreasing the levels of cortisol that is much needed for quality sleep. Not getting enough sleep means that those high levels of cortisol are still active and it will make your appetite higher than usual. Your belly fat, the low libido, and disturbed sleeping pattern are caused by high cortisol levels.
6. Who does not want to look young as long as possible? Well sleeping naked can help you with this. The natural cooling process that your body needs during the sleeping will be interrupted if you keep sleeping in an extremely warm environment. But, if you keep your body temperature at 68-70 degrees it will help with the proper function of the melatonin, the growth hormone, and the anti-age hormone.
7. Sleeping naked will definitely help you with your self-confidence. You will start feeling more comfortable with your body and yourself. Plus, when you are able to look at your body for a longer time you will tend to improve it the best you can.
8. The feeling of happiness and freedom is something inevitable when you start sleeping naked. You do not have to worry about all those clothes that suffocate you during the day, as you become one with the bed.
9. Your skin will inevitably get much better because now it can actually breathe. Every single part of your body will be able to freely take some much-needed air. This will only lead to fewer skin diseases.
If these reasons are not enough to get rid of those ugly pajamas, I do not know what is. Give this thing a try and see all the benefits yourself.

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9 Bizarre Victorian Beauty Trends That Were Sometimes Fatal

9 Bizarre Victorian Beauty Trends That Were Sometimes Fatal

9 Phenomenally Stupid (And Fatal) Beauty Trends From Victorian England

Amanda Sedlak-Hevener
111.5k views 9 items
The Victorian Era lasted throughout most of the 1800s. This period of time was known for its technological advancements and for its increased social mobility. And with that came new beauty trends that spread from Britain to the United States by word of mouth and publications aimed at women - some beauty trends that would never happen in today's world.
Not all of these trends were good - many of them had deadly consequences. Some deadly Victorian beauty trends included the use of what we now know are poisonous compounds that women placed on their eyes and skin. These deadly Victorian beauty fads did not stop at makeup, even clothing created hazardous conditions. Until the Victorian era ended and new trends took over, women subjected themselves to these dangers every day - all to make themselves more attractive to the opposite sex. 

Photo: Unknown 1857 artist - Harper's Weekly/Public Domain/Wikimedia Commons

Tuberculosis Beauty Was The Newest Fad

Tuberculosis Beauty Was The Ne... is listed (or ranked) 1 on the list 9 Phenomenally Stupid (And Fatal) Beauty Trends From Victorian England
Photo: Jules David/Public Domain/Wikimedia Commons

Tuberculosis, a fatal disease during the Victorian Era, causes nodules to grow in the lungs. Eventually, these nodules affected breathing to the point that the patient died. However, during the Victorian age, women appreciated the beauty that tuberculosis caused - the pale skin, thin waist, and red lips and cheeks of those infected. This quickly became a trend that led to women purposely contracting the disease in order to look beautiful. 

Women Bathed In Arsenic

Women Bathed In Arsenic is listed (or ranked) 2 on the list 9 Phenomenally Stupid (And Fatal) Beauty Trends From Victorian England
Photo: Lady Mary Anne Broome/Public domain/Wikimedia Commons

Arsenic, which we now know is a dangerous poison, caused a woman's skin to become very pale. This was the beauty ideal, as upper class women didn't need to go outside and work in the garden - they had servants to do that for them. In order to make all of their skin extremely pale, women would go (under a parasol to prevent the sun's rays from hitting them, of course) to special spas that had arsenic spring baths

Facial Makeup Contained Lead And Radium

Facial Makeup Contained Lead A... is listed (or ranked) 3 on the list 9 Phenomenally Stupid (And Fatal) Beauty Trends From Victorian England
Photo: Unknown/ Public Domain,/Wikimedia Commons

The ideal upper class Victorian woman had facial skin that was unblemished and as white as possible. If their skin was imperfect, they applying lotions, face paints, and even powders. The only problem was this makeup contained things like lead and radium. Of course, they didn't realize lead could cause severe poisoning when leached into the skin, or that radium was radioactive. 

Lip Paints Were Made Of A Carmine And Ammonia Blend

Lip Paints Were Made Of A Carm... is listed (or ranked) 4 on the list 9 Phenomenally Stupid (And Fatal) Beauty Trends From Victorian England
Photo: Bazar of Fashions /Public Domain/Wikimedia Commons

Red lips were a hugely popular beauty trend during the Victorian Era. Before commercialized lipstick became common, women had to either make the lipstick compound themselves, or purchase lip paint from their local pharmacy or general store. The main dye used to make red lip paint was composed of carmine from the crushed bodies of cochineal insects. The pigments weren't deadly on their own, although some did cause allergic reactions. What really made lip paints poisonous was the ammonia mixed into them when the insects were boiled and crushed. 

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