Saturday, April 28, 2018


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It's a Beautiful Day - White Bird - 7/7/1970 - Tanglewood (Official)

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These Cats Are Terrible Troublemakers And They're Proud Of It

These Cats Are Terrible Troublemakers And They're Proud Of It

These Cats Are Terrible Troublemakers And They're Proud Of It

A 2017 study suggested that cats essentially domesticated themselves. Drawn to the rodents who ate early humans' crops, the ancestors of today's tabbies wiggled their way into people's homes and hearts. The DNA study also suggests that cats haven't changed very much in the thousands of years since they've become domesticated. So research proves what cat-lovers already knew: they're still a little wild.
But it's hard to stay mad at cats, even when they drive you a little wild, too. So cat-owners have started "cat-shaming," or exposing their cats for their bad behavior online. It allows them to have the catharsis of getting back at their furry friends without the guilt of, y'know, actually doing anything to hurt their feelings.
In that spirit, here are eight cats who are absolutely, positively, sorry for what they've done.
A really scary concept for next year's Halloween costume: dress up as "the moment of visceral fear when you realize that your cat has something in its mouth and you don't know what it is."
Eating your siblings is never okay! Even if you have big, pleading eyes, and the saddest, most anguished expression on your face, and the softest, most pettable fur … okay, I'll let you off easy this time.
This is not the face of a cat who is happy with what they've done. This is the face of a cat who will be pooping brush bristles for the next two weeks. This is the face of a cat who has tasted regret and found that it tastes like olive oil and plastic.
Well, I guess that's one way to stop your mom from abandoning you to go to work every morning!
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