Friday, October 26, 2012

sweet Dreams

The Origin and Cultural Evolution of Silence(link)

Bridget Bardot

Dating Advice from Dickens: A Collection of Victorian Vignettes(link)

join the Army

she's a Man-Eater!

Terrified people at a Haunted house(link)

Grumpy cat

fun with Jake

Everybody's talking

Supercut for Weedists

10 Awesome International covers of Songs you know(link)


how's my Ghoul?

butterfly handlebars

Betty's Candied Apple

that Cold Front blew in last night

Rubik's Cube fruit salad

Rubik's Cube fruit salad

Head Drop Illusion

Bad Kitty!


that the moon is just the size of the U.S. amazes me

Picasso Paints on Glass(link)

Belated Happy Birthday yesterday, Pablo.
Picasso Paints on Glass

The Island Where People Forget to Die(link)

6 Horror Movies for Your Pets (link)