Saturday, May 19, 2012

... and how does That make you feel...

The Filterless 540' sq. Air Purifier. - Hammacher Schlemmer

The Filterless 540' sq. Air Purifier. - Hammacher Schlemmer

i'll take one

Sand Paintings on City Sidewalks

more pics at the link

Woodpecker Photos

7 Black Days of the Week

Pub Dog

Choose your Dog Wisely

Choose your dog's name Wisely

Most Common Birthdays

Jacob and The Guitar Man

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Sanford and Son - Fred's Treasure Garden

ahh the good ol days

Every Time Zone

now you don't have to do the Math anymore

Drunk Chick falls through Window Awning

always humorous... i've seen worse

R, Kelly pisses off Austin fans

good report with video

Pin Up Girls of the '50s - Before & After

The Beatles Abbey Road Walkcycles

Rules for Success

Monday, May 14, 2012

Going Long

How to wake up a kid -

- An appeal for Hell!

Identical Twins Play Songs on the Harp

songs at the link

10 Breeds for Dog Lovers with Allergies

Morpho butterflies have ears on their wings

TYWKIWDBI ("Tai-Wiki-Widbee"): Morpho butterflies have ears on their wings: Scientists thought butterflies were deaf until 1912 when the first butterfly ears were identified . Only in the past decade or so hav...

Can you Call a 9 year old a Psychopath?

 I think so - story at the link

the Mystery of Resin


Anyone for Bowling?

get your mind out of the gutter

People who Love their Voices

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Beatnik jokes

Worlds Worst Mothers

How to put liquor in sealed water bottles

being an alcoholic seems a lot of work...

Orangutans use the iPad to Communicate

Totally Strapless Nano Holder

Man Steals his own Bike

Happy Mothers Day

for you mothers

the Mothers of Invention - Call Any Vegetable - 1970, San Francisco

Time Magazine Gets Photoshopped