Sunday, November 4, 2018

Soul Asylum - Runaway Train -1993 Live w/Victoria Williams & Peter Buck

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Morrissey - Everyday Is Like Sunday

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The Beatles - Penny Lane

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"Nothing But A Miracle"- Diane Birch, Daryl Hall

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Dalai Lama Reveals The Ultimate Way To Deal With Negative Emotions

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33. Haunted Elevator - The 25 Best SNL Skits | Complex

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Our Modern Image Of Jesus Might Be Based On A 15th-Century Murderer

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Flying Low

First World Problems

Good Boy! (as if...)

Set Your Clocks Back

Who Wants Juice?!

Aogashina Japan


Desperate for a Husband

Today’s Tee

Today’s Sermon

When You Think About It...

Think for Yourself

Leonard Nimoy


Betty White

Even Jesus Forgets

The Question Is...