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Siouxsie And The Banshees - Spellbound

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Carpenters - Calling Occupants Of Enterprise

Satanic Temple Commits to Beach Clean-Up (Your Move, Christians)

Satanic Temple Commits to Beach Clean-Up (Your Move, Christians)

Satanic Temple Commits to Beach Clean-Up (Your Move, Christians)

Beachgoers in the sleepy surf town of Santa Cruz, California will soon enjoy a pristine shoreline, courtesy of a religious group some of its more conservative residents might instinctively recoil at: Satanists. Granted caretaker rights of the Seabright State Beach by the coastal cleanup nonprofit Save Our Shores, the Satanic Temple of Santa Cruz started a year-long litter removal project at the beach in early June.
Far from the largely fictitious murderous boogeymen of the Reagan-era "Satanic Panic" or the mystical Anton LaVey-helmed "Church of Satan," the worshipers of the Satanic Temple are nontheistic social activists who don't even believe in the devil. Co-founded in 2012 by Lucien Greaves, these modern Satanists have embraced a brand of benevolent social activism stunts and general do-goodery. TST typically uses the protected status of its religion to advocate for the constitutionally enshrined separation of church and state, pointing out state, local and federal issues that encroach upon this right in the process. Naturally, some elements of American Christian Right are none too pleased with these legal trolling antics as the church both stymies their insistence that the U.S. is a fundamentally Christian nation and softens the image of Satanists in the eyes of the general public.
This latest grassroots project, though not a legal mousetrap in the vein of the Temple's national efforts, should nonetheless continue to paint the religion's followers in a positive light.
During a walk through the beach she would soon be in charge of cleaning, Santa Cruz Satanic Temple chapter head, Sadie Satanas, explained how inspiration for the conservation project quite literally struck her.
"My spouse and I jog a couple times a week to the lighthouse and back, and we noticed how dirty it got," Satanas told PRØHBTD. "One day we even stepped on a syringe that was buried in the sand, and we were like, 'Kids play here, birds roost here, sea lions come up some time, and none of them needs to get stuck with a needle.'"
Her spouse then suggested organizing a beach cleanup as both a solution to the problem as well as a way to put their newly founded temple chapter to use for the public good. Satanas began the application process that week.
Save Our Shores was quick to respond—within the hour, according to Satanas—and excited to get the temple approved through orientation and ready-to-start cleaning.
"Save Our Shores is an inclusive organization, and we have an anti-discrimination policy," Executive Director Katherine Eckhart told the Santa Cruz news outlet Good Times. "We met the group and are delighted to have another organization that wants to steward our shores."
While Save Our Shores requires the temple to perform three cleanups over the course of their adoption period, Satanas says she's signed the group up for six. Each cleanup should take the crew about two or three hours.
Satanas says their chapter, having relocated from San Jose only three months prior, currently includes about 15 members, but they're "not in a hurry" to grow those numbers.
"We're not being elitist," Satanas assures, "we just like to vet everyone and get to know them for a couple months by having them show up to meetings, fill out a membership application, and have two sponsors."
These efforts are all in service of warding off those who Satanas describes as "kooks, edgelords or theistic Satanists." Basically, if you're looking to sacrifice animals or sell your soul to Lucifer, this community won't be a fit for you.
Satanas also noted that she appreciates the offers of non-Temple members who want to chip in and help her pick up trash, and she says it's great that they've inspired them to get involved, but she would prefer if these people adopt one of the many other local beaches and do their own conservation work.
"We're doing this for altruistic reasons," says Satanas, "but we're also trying to demonstrate that Satanists can do this and still be good people, and if non-Satanists get involved, that might dilute the impact of what we're doing."
Despite a few online commenters crying fire and brimstone, Santa Cruz residents seem to be overwhelmingly thrilled with the news and are commending TST beach adopters for their community involvement.
"I think they're so great for doing this," says local resident Esther Pak. "I'm already a fan of the Satanic Temple from what I've seen of their past work in the news, but I don't care what religion anyone is if they're doing something as benevolent as this."
As for those few detractors, Satanas doesn't seem too bothered, noting that "any person who would disavow us for cleaning a beach based on their moral principles really needs to reevaluate their moral principles."

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16 Times Ancient Aliens Was Actually Kind Of Right

16 Times Ancient Aliens Was Actually Kind Of Right

Ancient Aliens May Have Found Actual Proof Of Extraterrestrial Life

Brandon Michaels
1M views 16 items
Over the years, the History Channel show Ancient Aliens has become the butt of a lot of jokes. Poor Giorgio A. Tsoukalos has been turned into a meme that just won't go away. But early on in the existence of the show, Ancient Aliens actually made some pretty good points and re-sparked an interest in asking the eternal question: could extraterrestrial life actually exist?
In 2002, the Mars Odyssey Spacecraft discovered reservoirs of ice hidden beneath Mars' surface, suggesting that life just might be able to be sustained on another planet. Then in 2008, the Vatican even acknowledged that life on other planets is possible, and declared that it does not negate the existence of God.
And long before either of those realizations occurred, Chariots of the Gods was published by Swiss author Erich von Däniken in 1968, in an attempt to prove that aliens had visited Earth thousands of years ago. Von Däniken was driven by the fact that every major religion revolves around the story of a heavenly figure visiting Earth, and used this as the basis for his famous Ancient Alien Theory. One year after it was published, Neil Armstrong walked on the moon and re-sparked America's interest in outer space and aliens, but von Däniken's theory that ancient Gods were actually alien visitors is still highly contested.  
Ancient Aliens has made some pretty reasonable claims, and presented a lot of facts about unexplained phenomena. And while the accuracy of their scientific claims involving aliens may come into question from time to time, they certainly present some plausible explanations for otherwise unexplainable events. So, was Ancient Aliens right? Who knows - but here's a list of every time their ideas made some sense. The truth is out there, but you'll have to decide if they've found it.

Photo:  YouTube

Archeologists Have Discovered Ancient Alien Astronaut Artifacts

Archeologists Have Discovered ... is listed (or ranked) 1 on the list Ancient Aliens May Have Found Actual Proof Of Extraterrestrial Life
Photo: Youtube

What They Said: Ancient artifacts discovered all around the globe depict ancient alien astronaut technology.
Why It Makes Sense: Guatemala City is home to a 1,500-year-old sculpture that resembles a modern day astronaut, complete with a helmet, a mouthpiece, and a breathing apparatus on his chest. Meanwhile in Columbia, thousands of tomb artifacts were recovered that all resemble modern-day airplanes, complete with fixed wings, an up-right tail-fin, and a fuselage. Finally, in the Istanbul Museum, there's a sculpture of a headless astronaut in a space suit sitting inside of a rocket ship covered in tubes. Where did these cultures get such advanced ideas about aerodynamics? Ancient Alien theorists believe that these are all examples of cultures documenting visits from extraterrestrials.

Many Religions Have Stories Of Flying Machines Descending From The Heavens

Many Religions Have Stories Of... is listed (or ranked) 2 on the list Ancient Aliens May Have Found Actual Proof Of Extraterrestrial Life
Photo:  T.K. Ellappa

What They Said: Christianity isn't the only religion that depicts extraterrestrial visitation. As a matter of fact, almost every major religion in the world has a similar story.
Why It Makes Sense: The story is the same, but the names are always different: a deity descends from the heavens, communicates with the culture, and disappears with a promise to return in the distant future. For instance, in ancient Indian Sanskrit writings dating back over 5,000 years, there are several instances describing Vimānas, or mythical flying machines, that are over 100 feet wide and move much like modern aircrafts. The Bhagavata Purana states that King Rama piloted a metal spacecraft that moved like a butterfly and appeared to be in two places at once, and that could project a beam of light that consumed anything it touched. Ancient Alien theorists believe this to be a clear description of an extraterrestrial spacecraft.

The Geo-Glyphs of Nazca Were Created To Attract Extraterrestrials

The Geo-Glyphs of Nazca Were C... is listed (or ranked) 3 on the list Ancient Aliens May Have Found Actual Proof Of Extraterrestrial Life
Photo:  Diego Delso

What They Said: The Nazca Lines were created to attract extraterrestrials.
Why It Makes Sense: The Nazca Desert in Peru is home to an arid plateau that stretches on for over 50 miles, and it is covered in countless geometric patterns and figures known as the Nazca Lines. The patterns include clear images of fish, monkeys, spiders, and even humanoids - all of which are only visible from the air. The shapes also include dozens of long, straight lines. These designs are clearly man-made and are only recognizable from high-above, most likely to signal extraterrestrials.

The Nazca Lines Were A Man-Made Ancient Alien Runway

The Nazca Lines Were A Man-Mad... is listed (or ranked) 4 on the list Ancient Aliens May Have Found Actual Proof Of Extraterrestrial Life
Photo: Youtube

What They Said: The Nazca Lines were a man-made ancient alien runway.
Why It Makes Sense: Nazca, Peru has been heavily researched because of its compelling man-made landscapes. Images of the desert clearly show long, flat stripes that stretch on for miles across mountains and valleys - resembling an airport landing strip. How could a primitive civilization have altered the landscape so drastically, and why? This question remains unanswered to this day, and is part of the reason why the Nazca Lines are such a renowned mystery.

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Wipe Out - The Surfaris

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"Deportee (feat. Lyle Lovett)" by Los Texmanaics [Official Music Video]

The 11 Weirdest Historical Myths About Redheads

12 Dark and Twisted Stories About the Beatles You've Never Heard



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Cats Love Boxes


Well Uh

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So Alone

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Lemon Pipers - Green Tambourine

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Joan Armatrading - I Like It When We're Together (Official Video)

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Vintage Ads That Are Horribly Racist

Rare And Bizarre Spiders That Will Capture Your Imagination And Haunt Your Dreams

Rare And Bizarre Spiders That Will Capture Your Imagination And Haunt Your Dreams

Rare And Bizarre Spiders That Will Capture Your Imagination And Haunt Your Dreams

Michelle Nati
2.4k votes 818 voters 13 items
List Rules: Vote up the spiders that are the most bizarrely fascinating.
It's estimated that at least four percent of the world's population has arachnophobia, which is a pretty high percentage considering how few of the little guys are actually dangerous. But there are some rare yet cool-looking spiders around who are here to try to help quell your arachnid fears. While they may not totally eradicate your distrust of the eight-legged creatures, you may see something in them that is a little more compelling than something you may want to beat to death with a rolled up magazine. 
Spiders are crucial to the ecosystem and have probably been around in some form, longer than humans have, by millions of years. As humans has evolved, they have too — they live all around us, in every nook and cranny the world has to offer. That's not meant to scare you — they generally like to be left alone to do their thing and are a bit of natural pest deterrent. In a world without them, for example, we wouldn't have much in the way of agriculture, as they kill the prey the affects crops. 
Spiders play a part in daily lives in ways you probably rarely think about. So put down that shoe, give 'em a break and take a look — you may just fall in love with these seldom seen, unique arachnids. Some come to dance, others come with a smile, and all are an equally fascinating part of the place we call home. Vote up the most bizarre yet fascinating spiders!

Photo: user uploaded image

1 Peacock Spider

Ranker Video
Video: YouTube

Of all the spiders on this list, the peacock spider gets big points for not only its adorable dance moves but overall cuteness. While there are several species of this arachnid, they all share specific characteristics — they're psychedelic and furry, they have front-facing eyes and can cut a mean rug with their eight legs. The males "dance" to woo a potential mate, by raising their brightly colored fans, throwing their legs in the air and...well, waving 'em like they just don't care. But out there on nature's dance floor, it is indeed a "ladies choice" — if the female spider doesn't like what she sees, she eats rebuffs, or eats, her suitor. 
Is this fascinating?

2 Gooty Sapphire Ornamental Spider

Ranker Video
Video: YouTube

A bright blue tarantula — say what?! The Gooty Sapphire Ornamental Tree Spider (Poecilotheria metallica) is a favorite among enthusiasts, but be careful—these spiders are fast and have a strong, venomous bite that has been described as "medically significant." 
The Gooty Sapphire, named after the town in South Eastern India where it was discovered in the late 19th century, is about six to seven inches long and females can live up to 12 years for females, while males typically live three to four years. Gootys that are available for purchase are all from captive-bred ancestors — in the wild, the spider is considered critically endangered. 
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3 Chinese Hourglass Spider

Ranker Video
Video: YouTube

The Chinese hourglass spider has been around for empires — it dates back to 2 BC, and there is even a nod to it in Er Ya, the country's oldest surviving dictionary, published at around the same time. For a spider that's been around as long as it has, you'd think it would be better known, but it has been only seen six times since being rediscovered by a farmer in China's Sichuan Province in 2000. 
An arachnid of the trapdoor variety, it's rarely been spied by human eyes for the simple reason that it lives its life behind a trapdoor made from a mix of soil, sand, and plant debris and rarely peeks its head out into the great wide open. Watch its hunting technique in action here.
Is this fascinating?

4 Mirror Spider

Ranker Video
Video: YouTube

It may seem surprising that this reflective little spider, found primarily in Southeast Asia, has not gone extinct, but its mirror-like markings do their job well in camouflaging the arachnid from predators. 
Robert Whyte, an honorary researcher in arachnology at Australia's Queensland Museum said the spider's "reflective splotches act like a disco ball with lots of different mirrors...and scatter light, making it difficult for predators to see it." Another cool thing—the spider's spots change size if it feels threatened. 
Is this fascinating?

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Hedy Lamar

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The Trashmen Roll Over Beethoven

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Townes van Zandt - If I Needed You

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Things You Didn't Know About Laura Dern

31 Disastrously Named Products No One Should Ever Buy - Offbeat

31 Disastrously Named Products No One Should Ever Buy - Offbeat

31 Disastrously Named Products No One Should Ever Buy

How did any of these make it past QA?

Lost in translation: 33 hilariously inappropriate product names. There are hundreds upon hundreds of products out there on the market -- capitalism is kind of an unrelenting nightmare that way, no big. But how does one go about getting their product noticed with that much competition going on in virtually every single market? Well, one thing you can do is give the product a particularly catchy name. Naming the product is often half the battle by itself -- heck, a lot of the time, a specific product name becomes so omnipresent that it turns into the term for the product itself, like Xerox or Kleenex or even Coke (if you are terrible). One thing you SHOULDN'T do, however, under any circumstances, is give a product a name that is extremely memorable for all the wrong reasons. And what reasons might these be? Oh, you know, nothing big...just giving products names that act as inadvertent references to rather personal aspects of anatomy or bodily fluids or whatever the heck "Batmilk" is. Yeah -- it's bad. It's real real bad. Want to see all of these and more disastrously named products someone should've caught before they went to market? Read on, because it's about to get wild up in here. Start Slideshow

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Interesting Sleep Facts You Didn't Know

Vroom Vroom

Shelly Duval

Running Away

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