Monday, October 29, 2012

3 Men With Tourettes On A Holiday

I'll Give You Something To Look At(link)

I Have Seen The Whole Of The Internet: I'll Give You Something To Look At: soberinanightclub


yep, That kind of a day

fairly regular anyway

welcome to the World, little One

Touched by a mountain gorilla(a feel-good video)

Bridget Bardot

Unicorn Bride

hey, it Works!

Artists of Elvistravaganza

Elvistravaganza front FlickrElvistravaganza postcard backELVISTRAVAGANZA!ELVISTRAVAGANZA!Ron EnglishDavid Amoroso
Susanne Melanie BerryKevin BradleyJohn LINKO LarsonJohn LINKO LarsonJohn LINKO LarsonChristopher Bruns 1998 Tony Dee
Christopher Bruns 2003 Chris PresleyChristopher Bruns 2003 Leg of ElvisChristopher Bruns 2003 Two ElvisesChristopher Bruns 2005 Elvis GuitarsChristopher Bruns 2005 Flowers on Elvises TombJeff Mcmillan - Blue Hawaiian
C.R. Stecyk IIIKen TanakaKen TanakaMarkku Laakso & Annika DahlstenMarkku Laakso & Annika DahlstenMarkku Laakso - Elvis Rows

can you say ELVIS

Smart Dog

in case of Fire

Sushi the Bandit

The Moon Illusion

it came from the Water

ready for the Storm

carved your Melon yet?

Zipperhead blonde lives!(link)

Zipperhead blonde lives!

That's My Boy!

Beware of Dog

10 beautiful break-up Songs(link)

I know some others...

Faces Painted in Bold Black & White Designs(link)

Weird Beauty, Photos of Faces Painted in Bold Black & White Designs

powering up

office thoughts

its Not about you,


no Kitty!


you need to start training Early

Bears with Beaks(link)