Monday, October 1, 2018

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Nice Celebrities Who Did Terrible Things You Forgot About

Nice Celebrities Who Did Terrible Things You Forgot About

12 Cherished Celebs Who Did Terrible Things You Wish You Didn't Know About

Although the average person can write a dissertation on their hatred of the Kardashians (we've written several of them), for those few celebrities who are loved by literally everyone, criticizing them becomes a bit tricky. After all, no one wants to read anything bad about BeyoncƩ or Steve Jobs. But although fans don't want to hear it, celebs are human, and they sometimes act like jerks. Below, a few universally-loved celebs who've done some shady things in their day.

1. Steve Jobs

Source: Getty Images
Although Apple fanboys treat his legacy like he's the Second Coming, Steve Jobs was no saint. In fact, his success can be attributed to his ruthless behavior. In his biography, there were plenty of examples, from firing people at Pixar without notice to even storming out of a five-star hotel he thought wasn't up to his standards. One time, he even berated a Whole Foods employee. "Once we went to Whole Foods market to get a smoothie," Steve's best friend Jony Ive said. "And this older woman was making it and he really got on her about how she was doing it."
In addition to neglecting his daughter, Lisa Brennan-Jobs, who he had with an ex-girlfriend, probably his biggest douche moment was when he cheated his friend and Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak out of money. While the two worked together at Atari, Steve asked his partner to build a scaled-down version of Breakout, saying they would split the profits. After four sleepless nights, Wozniak finished the game and got a whooping $350 for it. He later learned that Steve had lied to him about how much money he made from the game and actually pocketed most of the profits for himself. Now, that is just evil.

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