Friday, April 20, 2012

Chinese Children's Puzzles and Post Cards

[Vietnamese Little Heroes Puzzle Face 6][Girls in the Park]Visiting the Exhibition of the Life of Lei FengBe Loyal to Chairman Mao, Be Loyal to Mao Tse-tung's ThoughtChina's Daughter's Have High-aspiring MindsSunflowers Face the Sun
Long Live Chairman Mao! Long, Long Life to Chairman Mao!Chairman Mao Is the Red Sun of Our HeartsHold Higher the Great Red Banner of Mao Tse-tung's ThoughtBe Prepared at All TimesWe Are Successors to the Communist CauseThe First Internal-combustion Locomotive is Produced
The No. 32111 Drilling Team in Their Battle Against a Sea of Fire[The No. 32111 Drilling Team Puzzle Side 1][The No. 32111 Drilling Team Puzzle Side 2][The No. 32111 Drilling Team Puzzle Face 3][The No. 32111 Drilling Team Puzzle Face 4][The No. 32111 Drilling Team Puzzle Face 5]
[Construction Picture Cubes Box]12,000-ton Hydraulic Forging Press. The 12,000-ton hydraulic forging press built by China herself if five to six storey high. It can forge extra big steel ingots of 300 tons into various shapes of unfinished machine parts.Wuhan Bridge on Yangtze River. China's first bridge on Yangtze River was completed on Spetember 1957. It measures 1670 metres in overall lentgh and has two storeys. The lower storey is for locomotives running on double railway tracks, while the upper...High-speed Diesel Engine Locomotive. The diesel-engine locomotive constructed by China herself has already been put into production in batches. It has a higher efficiency and higher speed than the original steam-engine ones.The Freighter Chao Yang in the 10000-ton Class. China's self-designed and self-built 10000-ton freighter Chao Yang succeeded its trial voyage at high speed on October 30th, 1967. It measures 161 metres from bow to stern and 20.4 metres in width. It has..."Hsin-An-kiang" Hydro-Power station, Hsin-An-kiang, Chekiang. This is the first big hydro-power station, which is designed, equipped, constructed and installed entirely by China herself.

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Where do cosmic rays come from?

TYWKIWDBI ("Tai-Wiki-Widbee"): Where do cosmic rays come from?: Apparently nobody knows.   This from the BBC : The particles, known as cosmic rays, can show up with energies a million times higher than...



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the Cool stuff from the back of Comic books

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How to Become an Expert Tightrope Walker

How to Become an Expert Tightrope Walker - ScienceNOW

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count the black dots

The Top Ten Dogs of Walmart: Uncaged, Unleashed & Unbelievable!

The Top Ten Dogs of Walmart: Uncaged, Unleashed & Unbelievable!

How Facebook changes lives

- Flake (Kokua Festival 2010)

RITA MARLEY "One Draw" Paradiso, Amsterdam 2010

careful what you buy...

Nothing To Do With Arbroath: Woman suffered hallucinations after buying bracele...: A mother told how a ‘toxic’ bracelet which caused a public health scare caused her to lose her boyfriend, her home and her job. Jo Wollacott...